Terms and Conditions

Booking Policy

All bookings requiring more than 4 passengers to be transported, will be charged at a Minibus rate.

The Transfers journeys to and from UK Airports can be long and unpredictable distances. There is a slight possibility a problem may occur.

If your flight is delayed or rescheduled. The driver will collect you as normal, however, please be patient as when flight times change. It may influence the pickup timeframe of the original booking.

The driver for your booking will aim to arrive at the pickup address given on the original booking. If your driver is not there within five minutes of the arranged time, please contact the driver on the number you received via text.

If you cannot locate or contact your driver, please call the office number on 01244 371888. Contacting the office mobile or via email or text may not be answered. Ring: 01244 371888 The office number is Open 24hrs for emergencies.

Bookings for a single return trip from any airport between 21:00 pm and 04:30 am, will incur a £5 charge due to non-entitlement of booking both outgoing and return journeys, to receive a discounted rate you must book both journeys at the same time. 

All returning passengers at Manchester airport please have their mobile phone on. Please check for a text message off your driver, you will be met by the WHSmith shop in T1, T2, T3.

All returning passengers at Liverpool airport please have their mobile phone on and check for a text message off your driver, to arrange a meeting point.

The driver will text or ring you, check your phone when you get to the WHSmith shop and follow the instructions to the meeting point.

All online bookings must be made 72 HOURS in advance. If you are unable to, please ring the office between 10:00am – 20:00pm

All bookings that we have to car share, due to unforeseen circumstances will get a £5 deduction off the original price.

All bookings must be paid in cash on the day unless arranged with the office.


All quotes are just quotes

…As the final price could change. Due to all manner of things, diverted traffic as the driver will have to drive more miles. Longer waiting time, lost luggage. Clients being held up,

so extra charges may apply after 1hour 15 minutes after the flight has arrived. This may be charged for as the car parking will increase, and the driver will have waited longer than planned.

All none Liverpool or Manchester airport trips will be plus any car parking charges, bridge charges, road tolls, tunnel charges, charges to enter a City,

or any other charge your driver may incur.

Any lost or left/lost luggage will be stored for free of charge, though a drop off charge will be added if you would like us to deliver it back to you at our private hire rate also after 28 days the items will be destroyed.

All pickup or drop-offs will be added to the booking at the point of booking, if extra drop-offs or pickups are added later they will be charged at our Private hire rate.

If you make a mistake on your booking, Globetrotters will not be held responsible, extra charges may apply if we must come twice or incur extra charges.

So please make sure you get the return booking dates right as some flights take off the night before they get back to the UK, for example, take off 19:00 on the 10th, arrival at 00:50 on the 11th.

Also, some airlines use the same flight numbers every day, this then makes it impossible for us to track your flight. So, it’s up to you to check and get it right.

All cash prices have been discounted down by £5 per trip so all card prices or cheque prices will be plus £5 per trip more than the cash price as all card or cheque and the just return trip 21:00 pm to 04:30 am have no discount,

Fouling charges start at £50 this may be more depending on how bad the fouling is, maximum of the cost of a full valet and two day off the road, at driver’s discretion.

If you do not turn up for your trip you may be sent the bill for the missed trip plus 15% to cover extra waiting time and extra car parking.

Pick up times for the outward trip are within 5 minutes of booking time, as we give plenty of time for you to get to the airport and some addresses are harder to find than others.

Airport pickups will be 40 to 50 minutes after the flight lands as this is the normal length of time it takes to come through with your luggage, unless you tell us you have no luggage please let us know at the time of booking.

All late arriving flights we will endeavor to be by the WHSmith shop, 40 to 50 minutes after the flight lands,

Any early flights are harder to accommodate for due to the fact of other pre-booked trips so if your driver is not by the WHSmith shop could you wait until they arrive this will be no later than the 40 to 50 minutes after the scheduled arrival time, do check your phone for a text message the driver may of text you to say what time he will be there.


Larger Vehicles

All trips with five to eight passengers will be charged at the full Minibus rate.

All large boxes, odd-shaped luggage, and more than 5 suitcases will only be taken in a Minibus and be charged for at the going rate depending on what it is.

We offer a larger vehicle for anyone that would like one at the car price plus £10 for up to 4 passengers each way, over 4 passengers or too much luggage the full minibus price will be charged,

Sports equipment must be declared at time booking so we can decide the vehicle size

Bikes will only be taken in a minibus at car price plus £10, over 4 passengers will be full minibus price.

Skis will only be taken in a minibus at car price plus £10, over 4 passengers will be full minibus price.

Diving equipment must be declared so we can decide the size of the vehicle if a minibus is needed it will be car price plus £10, over 4 passengers will be full minibus price.

Golf clubs must be declared so we can decide the size of the vehicle if a minibus is needed it will be car price plus £10, over 4 passengers will be full minibus price.

All other sports equipment prices will be given at the time of booking.

Christmas, New Year and other holidays

Christmas and new year prices will be charged at plus 50% or 100% of normal charge; 50% of this price to be paid at least fourteen days in advance.

NO REFUNDS within the last seven days up to the booking date of any trip booked for the Christmas and the new year period.


All wheelchairs must be declared at time of booking, so we can decide on the correct size of vehicle and cost, folding wheelchairs will go in a car if you don’t have too much luggage electric wheelchairs will normally have to go in the minibus, this will be car price plus £10 for up to 4 passengers, over 4 passengers will be full minibus price.

Child/booster seats

Child seats will be stored free of charge, ONLY if you travel both ways.

All baby seat must be labeled with the following; Name, address, return date and return flight number and a mobile phone number on them.


Any Child seat left for a single trip will be charged at £6 minimum or the private hire cost to deliver the baby seat whatever is the greater.

The charge is to cover the drivers time and fuel for the extra mileage coming for or dropping off the baby seat.

Guide dogs or pets

Guide dogs are free of charge, depending on what vehicle you need. So up to 3 passengers plus Guide dog car price, 4 passengers and Guide dog will need to go in a minibus, so this will be car price plus £10. Over 4 passengers will be full minibus price

All pets must travel in a minibus at car price plus £10 unless more than 4 passengers and a pet then the full minibus price will be charged plus £10.

Dropping pets off at the cargo centre, at a pet’s home or friends house will be charged for, this will be at a minimum of plus £10 or private hire rate whatever is the greater amount.

Competitions & free prize draws

Any voucher won in one of our competitions or free prize draws has no cash alternative or value.

Only one winning voucher per trip can be used.

All vouchers must be used within the dates on the voucher.

Any voucher given out for compensation of any sort may only be used by that client from the address it was issued to, as part or full payment for an Airport taxi transfer

No cash alternative will be given.

Complaints procedure

We aim to deal with all complaints in a timely and professional manner.

All complaints must be reported as soon as possible by email or in writing.

info@globetrotterz.co.uk or in writing to 10 Stamford Road, Chester, Cheshire CH1 5DG.

Each complaint must include, Full name, address, date of travel Flight number and as much information as possible.

Also, you need to leave the appropriate contact details, to contact you.

Also, complaints can be sent to Cheshire West and Chester Council Licensing Team.

www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/business/licensing or ring 0300 123 7737.